Dewalt Dw089k Review

DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling 3-Beam Line Laser Review

The new Dewalt DW089K is an improved version of the previous Dewalt DW089K. One of the differences from its predecessor is the new micro-knob for an easier adjustment of the beams. This means that with DW089K, there is no need to keep resetting when moving to a new location. By using the new micro-adjustment knob, users can easily realign the lasers to check for levelling and perfect angles. However, what it makes an evolved and more accurate version of the previous is the new 3-beam lines laser, providing not only a vertical and horizontal line but also a side line, taking precision to another level. This is definitely a benefit to save money as you won’t need to set up more than one equipment to find the right measurements.

Check out this short video to see why DW089k is one of the top laser levels available today.

Specifications of DEWALT DW089K

The newer laser is approximately twice as bright, which gives it a better use for outdoor conditions in comparison with the old one. With these more powerful beams the visibility increases to 15 meters indoor within a ±0.3 mm/m accuracy.

It is a versatile tool equipped with a magnetic pivot bracket, special for metal surfaces. This newer Dewalt version weighs 800 grams and it requires 4 AA batteries, being equipped with a low battery indicator, as known from the previous version. Dewalt DW089K it is an excellent tool, ideal for professional installers and renovators who can use it for various purposes such as installing doors and windows, drop ceilings, cabinets, wall speakers and lightings.

Full Features

  • 3-beam laser
  • 2 times brighter laser
  • Cordless
  • Visibility up to 15 meters
  • Accuracy level of 1/8 inch
  • Self-levelling

Things that could be improved for future

  • Slightly heavy, with a probability of the laser falling down on unsteady surfaces
  • Magnets not strong enough for perfect balance
  • May be difficult to calibrate

PlayStation 4 Review

I will start off with by saying that I am a huge gamer, I have been in the gaming world for the last 15 years. I have played every game out there and tried every gaming console and I would have to say that PlayStation is my favorite. I have been a fan of PlayStation since the very first one, with each version Sony has made their console better and better. So you can imagine my excitement when the PlayStation 4 came out, I pre-ordered it and played hours and hours. For those of you that are Xbox fans, I will say that Xbox is also an awesome console, it is a close second on my list.


In this review, we will take a look at some of the best features and specs of the PlayStation 4.

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Before we get started, one thing is for sure, both the PlayStation and Xbox One are very close matched in specs, both offer a huge library of games and both of these consoles can be used for entertainment. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both can play Blue-ray and have streaming services like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu.

Some of the things that I think the PlayStation excels at are listed below, in other words, these are some of the features where the PS4 has an edge over the Xbox One.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus is a better overall deal compared to Xbox Live’s Gold, the quality of instant games titles tends to be higher and these games can be played across different PlayStation platforms. If you want to play online, you must have PlayStation Plus, you can be sure to find discounts, betas and demos, trials and even cloud storage. PlayStation Plus is also cheaper than Xbox Live Gold, Plus will cost you $50 a year while Xbox Gold costs $60 a year.


In my opinion the PlayStation interface is better than Xbox One’s, I have noticed that games install faster on the PS4. Also navigating the menus is easier and the whole experience is smoother than the Xbox.


If you are a gamer and want to live stream, PlayStation Now is a subscription service which allows you to do just that. You can easily streams games over the Internet.


Like we said before the PS4 has a better all-around experience when using the software, you will notice that games install faster on the PS4 and in some cases games on the PS4 will play at a higher frame rate.


81eoz1rtpzl-_sl1500_The PS4 dualshock controller has a button which makes it super easy to share your games on social media. With a few button clicks, you can take screenshots, tweet and broadcast your game to Twitch. You can also save videos and copy them to USB to edit later.
Some of the things that I think could be improved are the media apps and cloud storage. Also the eject button needs to be improved, a few times the disc was automatically ejected while I was in the middle of a game. But in the updated versions, the PS4 eject button has been fixed.

Overall, the PS4 is a great console and in my opinion it performs a little better than the Xbox One. But to be fair, there isn’t a definitive winner, both Microsoft and Sony have a done a great job with making some awesome consoles for us to enjoy.